They Want Us To Forget How To Fight.

I don’t think they were capable of conceiving anything other than filth,

Which is maybe why you,

Yes, you were born to bring children into this world.

Their vile hands cupping flower buds;

Crushing them to death, pushing them into the ground with all their might was all I knew about fathers,

How they violated and fisted angry words,

How you would wake up screaming,

“Shh…” your mother says.

Those heinous tortures are not to be spoken of today.

Today is a happier day; don’t go wandering into the rape lane again.

When you see more than a broken plate and a torn negligee,

I will know evil has penetrated your senses too.

They drop threats like casualties not harming entire generations and generations to come,

They throw us down,

Make us look up when they take our virtue away.

They make victims create more victims,

They’re destroyers of the creators of this world.

And all we’re concerned about is shutting off our voices to fit into this society.

mermaidsbite uhm whattttt

mermaidsbite uhm whattttt

mattspenser Morning surprises are the best.

mattspenser Morning surprises are the best.

my chest bone hurts. my wrists feel heavy. My hair looks crazy. It’s the only part of me that feels pretty. Everything else is just. Too tainted. Everyone’s imprinted themselves on some part. I’m your fucking reflection. I want happiness. Please come find me.

My bones. My bones. I’m in love with my bones. My eyelids are falling in love. My nails are scratching the hate out of my system. I want to break. I want to restructure the evil so it doesn’t start with pain and end in love. I swear I can fly tonight.

I am body electric. I am stolen from another man. I am caving in. I am falling in love. I am not. I almost was. I am living with every breath. I am diving for attention. I am not dying. (Weren’t stars supposed to break out when I fell in love?) Don’t break my heart.



#throwback #thisdaythisquote

#throwback #thisdaythisquote

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Oi, it's your birthday ?

Yes. Tomorrow. 12th of August :D

prosebe4hoes Thank you thank you thank you :’)

prosebe4hoes Thank you thank you thank you :’)