mattspenser Morning surprises are the best.

mattspenser Morning surprises are the best.

my chest bone hurts. my wrists feel heavy. My hair looks crazy. It’s the only part of me that feels pretty. Everything else is just. Too tainted. Everyone’s imprinted themselves on some part. I’m your fucking reflection. I want happiness. Please come find me.

My bones. My bones. I’m in love with my bones. My eyelids are falling in love. My nails are scratching the hate out of my system. I want to break. I want to restructure the evil so it doesn’t start with pain and end in love. I swear I can fly tonight.

I am body electric. I am stolen from another man. I am caving in. I am falling in love. I am not. I almost was. I am living with every breath. I am diving for attention. I am not dying. (Weren’t stars supposed to break out when I fell in love?) Don’t break my heart.



#throwback #thisdaythisquote

#throwback #thisdaythisquote

A message from prosebe4hoes

Oi, it's your birthday ?

Yes. Tomorrow. 12th of August :D

prosebe4hoes Thank you thank you thank you :’)

prosebe4hoes Thank you thank you thank you :’)

you walk in through the door dressed in my affection,

you wear my heart on your sleeve for others to devour,

its just one night,

one more friend to please;

you’re breaking out in all shades of the prism,

spitting me out in the ashes of your bones,

and i’m screaming because my body was not meant for refraction.

      -i’m left killing my spirit in the morning when i dont find you beside me.

your claws have reached my toes and collarbones,

they’ve dug into my flesh and refuse to let go;

you control how my heart beats,

where my feet moves,

and your fingers release dopamine too intense for my bloodstream;

i’m shaking in your wake,

your presence magnificent,

your absence infinitely more terrifying,

you’ve reduced my future to dust if it doesn’t include you.

   -i’m carrying galaxies in my body for you and you don’t realize i exist too.